Robson Razor Plus Dartboard

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Introducing: the Robson Razor PLUS Bladewire Dartboard – an upgrade of the trusted Razor Bladewire Dartboard, designed to bring the darting experience to a higher level, offering optimum visibility, reliable durability, and superior performance.      

 Ultra-Thin Blade Wire.  Features the trusted staple-free, stainless steel Ultra-Thin Blade Wire system for minimal to zero bounce-outs and optimized scoring performance.

 Solid Ultra-Definition Number Ring.  The bold and solid white metal numbers molded into the black ring deliver an enhanced dartboard appearance, far better visual focus, top-scoring performance, and elevated playing experience. 

 Completely Staple Free. Seamless playing surface without the staples on the spider blade wire and bullseye for minimal to zero bounce-outs. 

 African Sisal.  Made from superb quality African sisal and manufactured under the highest standards for discerning dart players and playing environments.   

 Summary of Features

  • Solid Ultra-Definition Number Ring
  • Superb quality African Sisal
  • Ultra-Thin Blade Wire
  • Completely Staple Free

Summary of Attributes

  • The most affordable high-definition Bladewire sisal dartboard in the market
  • Lighter Color, Compact, Smooth Fibrous, Above Average Sisal

Summary of Benefits

  • Zero Bounce Outs
  • Optimum Focus
  • Top-Scoring Performance
  • Improved Aesthetic Value
  • Elevated Playing Experience